Francis Tirelli, Deloitte Italy, and the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society

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Francis Tirelli is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte Italy where he manages more than 3,000 employees. He enjoys serving a company that involves itself in numerous charitable and outreach activities in Italy, including the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society (AISM), an organization for which Deloitte Italy staffers volunteered at its seventh annual Impact Day in 2010, a day of service dedicated to supporting local nonprofit organizations. Volunteers took part in “Here we are,” which involved 900 employees volunteering at 25 AISM branches; they helped deliver transport and home-care services, raised funds, and offered advice in finance and technology. Many also took part in an AISM course about multiple sclerosis, disability, and services available for people with MS.

Much like other MS societies, AISM works to educate the public about MS and provide services for MS patients and their families. In 1976, AISM proudly achieved a significant improvement in services for MS patients when the organization launched its in-home rehabilitation program in Genoa, Italy. AISM initiated the program because the National Healthcare System did not provide for the needs of severely impaired MS patients unable to leave their homes for treatment and services or those unable to leave jobs to obtain treatment during the hours offered. Until 1982, AISM covered all costs of the program until the NHS recognized patients who received care at home avoided long hospital stays and costs of transportation to and from rehabilitation facilities. NHS agreed to subsidize the program.

AISM’s service receives support from diagnostic and treatment centers and health providers alike and both provide information to patients about the program. In addition, news about the rehabilitation service regularly appears in the MS Society’s magazine.

The first step toward receiving the AISM service involves a social worker that goes to the patient’s home and explains what is available and determines if the person is eligible for benefits. Next, a team comprised of a doctor, nurse, occupational and physical therapists, a psychologist, and a social worker meets with the patient for a comprehensive evaluation, and if the service is deemed appropriate for the patient, the team develops a rehabilitation plan. Physical therapy, psychological counseling, advice on modifying the home for the patient, training for both the patient and family, and speech and swallowing therapy are all services provided in-home by the program.

At this time, ASIM serves approximately 651 individuals.


YMCA in Greenwich

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By: Francis Tirelli

When I lived in Connecticut, I served as President of the YMCA in Greenwich. The Y’s cause is to strengthen the community and the organization works with its neighbors to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and grow. This nonprofit organization delivers change in communities all over the nation and has been doing so for the last 160 years.

The Y listens and responds to its communities and brings people together of all ages, colors, backgrounds, and beliefs to strengthen ties. The Y nurtures potential and promotes programs both locally and globally. Its mission as stated is to put Christian principles into practices that encourage people to make healthy life choices and come together for a common good. With programs in 10,000 neighborhoods across the US and more than 45 million members, the Y is well equipped to accomplish its mission.

The Y focuses on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Programs that promote youth development include childcare; education and leadership; swim, sports, and play; and both overnight and day camps. Healthy living programs include family time which in turn provides the opportunity for families to build stronger bonds; health, well-being, and fitness classes; sports and recreation activities; and group interest classes such as pottery, language, and cooking. The Y’s social responsibility programs are comprised of social services, volunteerism and giving, advocacy, and global. To find out more about all of the services and programs the Y provides, visit the website at

The Y acknowledges and thanks its many supporters which include American Honda Motor Company, Inc., the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Boeing Company, California Community Foundation, Best Buy, Disney Channel, Eli Lilly and Company, IBM, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, JCPenney, Reader’s Digest, Kraft Foods Foundation, and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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